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As our name suggests, we only practice Family Law. This is because we believe that when dealing with such important issues which affect you, your child / children and / or your financial future you deserve to know that the solicitor you choose lives and breathes that area of law every day. We are unaffected by the influence of other departments and pressures, allowing us to focus on the Family Law issues you are facing.

We are experts in Family Law. Our Lawyers are accredited as Specialists in Family Law by the Law Society. Our Paralegals are also accredited by the Law Society. The Law Society says ‘Accreditation acts as a hallmark of experience that a client can trust’. We use that experience to assist you with your case and to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Our family divorce lawyers & solicitors are unique in that we charge our fees on actual time (i.e. 2-minute call charged as a 2-minute call) whereas the vast majority of solicitors charge in units where all work is rounded up in 6 minute units (so a 2 minute call is charged at 6 minutes, 7 minute meeting charged as 12 minutes). See our Fees section for more details.


Where to find our Family & Divorce Law Solicitors

Geography should be no barrier if you are looking for a Family Divorce Lawyer in Scotland. If you are not local to us, do not despair, we can deal with your case through FaceTime, Skype, Email, Telephone. We are keen to service clients throughout Scotland using modern technology that suits you and you still (through FaceTime/Skype) meet us face to face.

You will find useful information regarding the main issues we deal with below.
You can also use our online tool by clicking here to receive some personalised information about your family law matter. To be honest, every situation is different so whilst this information will provide you with a general outline there is no substitute for giving us a call (including Skype / FaceTime), arranging an appointment or dropping us an email. We are happy to have a quick pro bono chat with you initially to see if we can help. Contact us here

P.S. If you have arrived here looking for advice on a non-family law matter do not despair! We have contacts in all areas of law so please get in touch with our family law solicitors and we will put you in touch with the right people.

facetime and skype call available with our family divorce lawyers and solicitors call our family law solicitors

  • Adoption

    If you are looking to adopt a child/children we have the knowledge to assist you.

    read more
  • Children

    When children are involved, our main goal is to ensure that their best interests are met.

    read more
  • Cohabitation

    A growing trend in family life with its own legal rules.

    read more
  • Collaborative Family Law in Scotland

    read more
  • Divorce

    Whether contentious/non-contentious we will see you through it.

    read more
  • Our Fees

    We offer very competitive private rates for advice and representation.

    read more
  • Protective Orders

    Require protection from domestic abuse / harassment?

    read more
  • Separation & Finances

    From £5,000 to £5,000,000 we have dealt with it all.

    read more


*If you have any non-family law related enquires please contact us and we will put you in touch with people that can help.

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