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If you are looking to chat with Family Lawyers who cover the Falkirk area, offering Competitive Fixed Fee* with Free Initial Consultation then please get in touch with us. If you prefer a face to face meeting then we have access to consulting rooms in (Falkirk) and would be happy to meet you at a convenient location/time. Alternatively, Family Lawyers Falkirk can also speak to you via FaceTime or Skype to help get your advice started at a time that suits you.

As our name suggests, we only practise Family Law. This is because we believe that when dealing with such important issues which affect you, your child/children and/or your financial future you deserve to know that the solicitor you choose lives and breathes that area of law every day. We are unaffected by the influence of other departments and pressures, allowing us to focus on the Family Law issues you are facing.

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You will find useful information regarding the main issues we deal with on our site. To be honest, every situation is different so whilst this information will provide you with a general outline there is no substitute for giving us a call or chatting with us on our live chat feature (including Skype / FaceTime), arranging an appointment or dropping us an email. Our divorce law solicitors would be more than happy to have a quick pro bono chat with you initially to see if we can help.

We are specialist family & divorce law solicitors who can provide legal services and legal advice on a wide range of issues affecting you. If you need legal representation from experts in your area who live and breathe their field, then get in touch with our expert legal team for free initial consultation.

Look no further for your Family Lawyer.

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• Fixed Fee for certain undefended Divorce actions – contact us for full details.


Please check your eligibility for Legal Aid here before contacting us because we do not offer Legal Aid