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If you are looking for Dedicated Divorce Lawyers near Larkhall services, please get in touch. Our main office is located in Uddingston and we would be happy to meet you at a convenient location/time. Alternatively we can speak to you via FaceTime or Skype.

Focused Only on Family Law

As our name suggests, we only practise Family Law. This is because we believe that when dealing with such important issues which affect you, your child / children and / or your financial future you deserve to know that the solicitor you choose lives and breathes that area of law every day. We are unaffected by the influence of other departments and pressures, allowing us to focus on the Family Law issues you are facing.

Divorce Lawyers Larkhall

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You will find useful information regarding the main issues we deal with on our site. To be honest, every situation is different so whilst this information will provide you with a general outline there is no substitute for giving us a call (including Skype / FaceTime), arranging an appointment or dropping us an email. We are happy to have a quick pro bono chat with you initially to see if we can help.

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Rooney Family Law is a long-established legal service provider in and around Larkhall. We have worked in this local area for many years and have consistently provided excellent family law service to our clients, who are satisfied with our help that has got them through these difficult times. We understand how important it is to have somebody you can rely on throughout your divorce or separation and dedicate our service to providing a service you can trust. We can ensure you get everything you deserve when you are struggling with this time of your life.

Being specialists in family law, our solicitors have experience helping people get the best outcome possible from complicated family matters. Without the complex jargon language causing unnecessary extra stress during this time, we can ensure you are provided with all the information you need in everyday terms, so that you don’t have to waste your time trying to understand difficult legal language. We adapt your position well to situations including children, with care giving to ensure it is as smooth and stress-free process as possible for all involved.

Going through a separation of course can be a tough time and we understand this. Supporting you through this difficulty which can be both physically and emotionally challenging, we are dedicated to reducing any stress and ironing out all legal matters that concern your case. We aim to provide clear information, and for you to get everything you are due from the separation. To help you the best we can, we offer a free first consultation to establish how we can best advise you by understanding your individual circumstances in advance of you securing our legal services.

We understand that each person is unique, which is why our family lawyers and divorce solicitors are always prepared to act with the utmost care for your situation at all times. If you need any additional support during this time, make sure to get in touch with Rooney Family Law and speak to our family and divorce lawyers today to get the best for you and your family.



Please check your eligibility for Legal Aid here before contacting us because we do not offer Legal Aid