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Divorce Lawyers Glasgow services are here to help you with any concerns regarding family legal advice, from Rooney Family Law. Looking to help clients within the Glasgow area, we assist with all family divorce legal battles, offering expert advice on the legal system, courts and your rights as our client. We understand that these are delicate times for all that are included, which is why we are proud of our services as they are carried out with sensitivity, confidentiality and above all else legal expertise.

Divorce Lawyers Glasgow – Why us?

We offer a professional service to clients from small, medium to larger cases. Many people who require a lawyer can feel intimidated and apprehensive about the process which is why we strive to offer a friendly service and approach to divorce cases. With offices situated throughout Glasgow including the South side, West End and centre of Glasgow, we’re in an ideal location for those that require a divorce lawyer near and around the city.

Whether you’re after a lawyer to guide you through the divorce process or simply some advice on any family law matter, our process is quick, easy and simple. Book a free consultation with an accredited specialist who will guide you in the right direction and help clear up any concerns or confusions regarding your specific issue. Giving tailored advice we will handle your matter with confidence and confidentiality.

Types of Divorces we assist you with

Rooney Family Law is rich in expertise which means we can be tasked with a range of divorces. Divorce Lawyers Glasgow covers ordinary divorces, simplified divorces to more complicated cases such as high net worth divorces which face more complicated legal issues, requiring a greater amount of knowledge and experience to handle.

When dealing with a divorce many people are concerned about their assets, legal protection and children (if included). Rooney Family Law works hard to make it clear to clients of their rights when going through the divorce process. In addition, we carefully deal with the sensitivity of the inclusion of children throughout the process.

We also offer legal adoption services for those looking to adopt a stepchild.

Our aim

We want to help those within the Glasgow area with any divorce concerns or issues. A stressful and intimidating time, you can place your confidence within us as we are unaffected by the influence of other departments and pressures within the divorce court process.

We understand that lawyers don’t always have the best reputation regarding their fees, and we want to break this stereotype by offering a thoughtful service with a clear fee structure (explained in depth on our fee page).

How to reach us

Your time is valuable which is why we offer many forms of communication to suit your lifestyle and availability. Our process is stress free and easy to get started. To receive your free consultation, you can contact us through our online chat system, send us a message or an email. Available anytime anywhere, we are at your calling.

We are aware that times are uncertain with Covid and respect any fears you may have to attend a face-to-face consultation/meeting. To accommodate your Covid concerns or life restraints preventing you from attending such a meeting, we offer Skype and Facetime calls, allowing you to still receive expert advice from wherever you are, right when you need it most.

So, let us make your divorce journey as easy and stress free as possible. Allow us to remove your doubts and concerns and make this process whether small or large as smooth sailing as possible. Like we said, we understand not every situation is the same and we will work hard to achieve the best outcome specific to your needs and circumstances. Choose Rooney Family Law, a team of accredited specialists in Family Law who not only charge differently but work differently for our clients too.


If you would like to have an initial consultation with Divorce Lawyers Glasgow to discuss your case and find out more about how the Accredited Family Lawyers can help with your case contact us now on 0800 779 7848.

To find out more about dealing with your high net worth divorce in Glasgow please visit our page on this for more information.

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