Do I really need a Divorce Lawyer? 10th, October , 2019

There is a school of thought that after a couple separate it is perfectly possible that they can sort matters relating to the welfare of their children and the financial situation themselves.

It should all be straightforward and if advice is needed then Google or Alexa can provide the answers.

Why consult a Divorce Lawyer?

They often make things worse. They want to go to court. They cost a lot of money that could be better spent.

It would certainly be cheaper and quicker in the short term if a form could be downloaded from the Internet. The parties could set out their agreement in simple terms, sign the form and that would be that.

Except it wouldn’t.

In most cases when people separate they are not in a good place emotionally. All the time and effort invested in their relationship over the years has to an extent come to nothing.

Most people are upset and are not thinking straight. Sometimes these emotions become anger. Sometimes there is depression. Not the best backdrop to rush into an agreement.

And quickly one of the most prevalent emotions is worry.

If there are children how are they going to react to this massive change in their lives?

Is there going to be enough money to go round? Will the house have to be sold? What will happen?

The Internet can provide general information but it is dangerous to base your plans on that information alone.

What is needed is advice which relates to your specific situation.

The only people that can provide detailed relevant advice that will allow you to understand the position and reach a reasonable agreement are family lawyers lawyers who have experience in this type of work.

The truth is that even in situations which seem very straight forward it is still worthwhile to obtain specialist advice.

If the advice confirms that there are no pitfalls and that indeed the matter is not complicated then there will be no great expense.

If however it turns out that the situation is not as simple as was thought then the fees are money well spent. Financial assets might be protected or potential Financial claims identified.

Most Family Lawyers are keen to resolve matters by agreement and avoid going to court.

There is an understandable view that it is best to let the clients come to their own decisions rather than having an outcome foisted upon.

There are some cases where the differences are irreconcilable and a court action will be required.

In many other cases it would be less expensive and less stressful to negotiate.

Negotiation can take various forms. Mediation or Collaboration are processes where the aim is to reach an agreement that is fair to both parties and encourages the participants to communicate in the future.

So the more sensible thing to do, whether your affairs are straightforward or complex, is to take advice from an experienced Family Lawyer


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