Separation & Finances

After the issue of children, your financial rights are the next big issue to resolve. There can be a myriad of financial issues to resolve when you separate. How this is dealt with depends to a large degree on the type of relationship you were in. There are significant differences to your entitlement if you are married or, alternatively, cohabiting.

As with our experience of cases involving children, we have dealt with a wide variety of financial matters after separation. From cases where there are no assets to cases with a house and a pension or two to multi-million pound cases involving businesses, property abroad and everything in-between, we know the law and how to apply it to your case.

We are pragmatic when it comes to resolving financial issues and know when to pick our battles and when to compromise. As with disputes involving children there are alternative ways to resolve these disputes, with the courts being used as a last resort. We spend a great deal of time continually assessing your case and look for novel arguments to fight your case. There are clear cost implications when a case goes to court and they need to be borne in mind when thinking about what is in dispute. We are well versed in the procedure and approach of the courts regarding such disputes and we will provide you with clear and concise advice.

As your Family Lawyer our main goal in all cases is to ensure you receive a fair share of the matrimonial assets taking into account the particular circumstances of your case. We do that in a manner which is clear to understand.

Follow this link for more details on what constitutes matrimonial assets.

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