Simplified Divorce Edinburgh

Simplified Divorce Edinburgh is the quickest and cheapest type of divorce, and is based on how long you have been separated. To be eligible, you have to have been separated from your spouse for over a year and have no children under the age of 16. Your spouse will have to sign a consent form agreeing to the divorce.

If you have been separated from your spouse for over two years, no consent is necessary.

What to Expect from Simplified Divorce Edinburgh

If you wish to apply for this type of divorce, all financial matters between you and your spouse will have to have been resolved as it is not possible to make any financial claims.

The only other requirement is that you have lived with your spouse in Scotland and have been resident at your current address for at least six weeks for applying for your Simplified Divorce in Edinburgh.

We will ask you for certain information relating to your marriage and then complete your application.

Once the application is ready to be signed, we will arrange a video call with you to sign the document. You will send the signed document to us so that we can sign the relevant section then we will send it to court. Thereafter the divorce process should take between 8-12 weeks.

We understand that divorce is only one of a number of important issues that matter to you. We will provide you with advice in relation to what is best for your children and how to sort out your financial affairs. Although it is not possible to set a fixed fee for your Simplified Divorce Edinburgh, we will charge on the basis of our unique feeing structure, which means you only pay for the precise number of minutes we spend in your case. ( Unlike other solicitors who charge in six-minute units ) This will help to keep costs down. See Our Fees section for more detail.

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